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Welcome on "The people help the people"

This site is dedicated to Your offers to help homeless people. To many times I've heard homeless people here in france criticizing the corporations normally in charge of helping them. I had myself bad experiences with those volunteers that didn't respond to my needs, when I had bad times in my life. I suddenly realized that people of good will are to be found everywhere, they just pass through in the streets, they have a heart, they want to give but to often rely on those volunteers and corporation to do so. However, homeless people, when they are sat on the pavement, mainly expect the help on those people passing through, you , me, whoelse ?

On this site You can say "I want to do this or that"  you can give your e-mail address or phone number for the homeless to contact you and be helped. You may as well print your offers and others' offers and deal them to the homeless,To print the offers, just move your mouse over "share" above the offer in the TOPIC section, then choose "Imprimer" the french word for "print" sorry I used a fench software...

Thank you for them

P.S.:Please note the webmaster of this site (me) could not be held responsible if problem ever occured in your relationship with helped people.

Thank you for them !


Steven Ocean